The Best Way To Digitally Preserve Old Photo Albums

We take your precious photo albums and turn them into digital images for safekeeping and sharing with loved ones. Your albums are digitized in the cloud, and we will reprint them if disaster strikes.


Includes first 50 pages or photos digitized. 

$1 per each additional image.

Your Albums are Irreplaceable. 

Do You Treat Them That Way?


Pictures degrade, albums deteriorate, let's not even get started on fires, floods or other natural disasters.


What if everyone in your extended family (including future generations) could access your one-of-a-kind, cherished family memories? Yep, it's time.


You know that warm feeling you get when you free your albums from that book shelf and flip through them? We put your albums on your phone so you can enjoy and share them anytime.

How it Works

We'll ship you a box, you send us back your albums, and we'll preserve them for generations to come. We digitally duplicate your album pages and your individual photos.

Transform Original Album from 1979 into:

Album Pages

Individual Photos

Digitally replicate your albums page by page

Preserve every individual photo into its own digital file


Includes first 50 pages or photos digitized. 

$1 per each additional image.

Your Starter Kit Includes:

First 50 images digitized 

we'll digitize single album pages or all individual photos in the album, or both.

Crush-proof box and weather-proof bag

an over-sized bag is included to ensure your albums are protected from the elements, we'll ship you a sturdy box to send back your albums

All shipping included & $300 insurance

a prepaid shipping label is included in your box and we insure that we return your albums intact, all shipping charges on us!

Cloud Storage and Disaster Warranty

one year access and backup storage, easy to share features, albums reprinted if disaster strikes.

What Our Customers Say

Deja R. San Jose, CA

Rose K. Charleston, NC

Jared T. Mansfield, OH

The whole process was so easy! I originally got this done just for safekeeping, but I think the sharing feature is the best part. My grandkids are loving the pictures of their mom growing up!

My photo albums are the #1 most precious items I own, so having a back up copy gives me so much peace of mind. They took such great care of my albums and returned them in perfect condition! 

I sent in my mom's album from the 60s that was falling apart. I wasn't expecting much, but the photos turned out really clear and they even restored some of the damage. Beyond worth it for the price.

More About Our Process




Our team is highly skilled at editing your images to reduce glare, remove dust and tears, color correct, and improve contrast.

We take aging photo albums and digitize them into album pages and individual photos for safekeeping and sharing with loved ones.

We are able to digitize your precious albums and return them to you with all photos intact, in the condition you sent them to us.

Album Preservation FAQs


Why should you duplicate your old photo albums?

Peace of mind. Your albums are irreplaceable. Digitizing your photo albums means those photos and memories will never be lost to time, decay or natural disasters.


What's behind the price? Why does it cost more than typical photo scanning?

Preserving your most precious memories requires effort and care that only a real team of experts can provide. Each page of your albums is captured by a professional photographer that then goes through a thorough editing process where they restore the photos and make them look their absolute best. Your $99 payment includes 50 digitized images (either pages or individual photos) and all shipping costs to get the albums to us and back to you safely.


Will my albums be returned to me? Are all the photos going to be removed?

YES! We will send the albums back to you when our work is done. Return shipping and $300 insurance is included at no additional charge. We keep all albums intact throughout the process and return them to you in the same condition they arrived.


What if I want to send more than one album or an album that has more than 50 photos?

The more the merrier! You can send us additional albums (in the same box). Additional images captured are $1 per piece. Please keep in mind that we will digitize all album pages or all album images based on the services you select when you send back your box. If you need an extra box to fit all your albums, just email us at


Can you make my photos look perfect?

While we can't promise perfection, we can get awfully close! Our editors can reduce glare, remove dust and tears, color correct, and improve the contrast of your images to make them look their best!


What will the total price of my project be?

As part of your Starter Kit, the first 50 images captured are included. Each album page or individual photo after that is $1 per image. If you choose album pages only and send a 70 page album, you will be invoiced for 20 pages ($20). If you choose individual photos only, and your album has 110 photos, you will be invoiced for 60 images ($60). All album pages and/or individual photos will be digitized in the album based on the services you select on the order form in your box.


How can I be sure my albums are safe during shipping?

We'll track your box every step of the way! Every box comes with UPS tracking and insurance. When you are ready to send your box, we recommend personally handing over your box in a UPS store where they will scan it in. Then ask for a receipt with tracking so you can track your box along its journey. If you live local to Los Angeles- contact us about dropping your box off directly to our studio! If your albums are particularly delicate, we recommend wrapping them securely with bubble wrap and be sure to use the provided weather proof bag!

We've helped hundreds of thousands of families celebrate and preserve their memories over the last decade.




families trust us with their memories







digital works in our library



new images digitized every day

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